“How many glasses of wine?” Xuelei betting Han Nairabet couldn’t laugh or cry: “Do you know that you drank a total of 16 glasses of wine just now, which has added 300 years to your Sportybet cultivation? Now you actually want wine ointment Are you afraid of blowing yourself up?” “Not afraid!” Chu Yang said boldly: “Msports is a big deal, and he will be a hero again in eighteen years!” Xue Leihan was speechless: “I said brother, you don’t know, What we are drinking now is just a small pot of wine ointment, less than half a catty, but I added a hundred catties of water to dilute it… and sixteen cups, it has increased your cultivation base by three hundred years! “Chu Yang’s eyes brightened: “So that’s the case. (Let’s live in the novel) Then give me ten altars and eight altars.” Xue Leihan said angrily: “Not even one altar!” Chu Yang persevered: “Five or six altars That’s fine.” “Not a single drop. poker” Xue Leihan was very determined. “At least two jars!” Chu Yang said angrily, “I want this number. If it’s less, I don’t want Spinmatic either!” “One jar at most!” Xue Leihan said, “Do you want to love flashscore, don’t pull it down!” “Deal!” Chu Yang clapped his hands quickly: “One jar is one jar! Bring it!” Xue Leihan’s eyes widened. Throwing out an altar angrily, he said, “You’ve become really shameless now.” Chu Yang quickly took it in his hand, and put it into the Nine Tribulations Space immediately, hehe Slot Games smiled: “If I want to lose face, This jar of wine is gone. This is a good wine that can increase your cultivation for decades.” He said, “What good things do you have? Anyway, you are going back now, and I am even better. It takes BetWinner a long time to go up to find you, and after going up, you may not be able to find you…just keep some of them.” Regarding this person’s thick skin, Xuelei

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