Leap’s team is like a long dragon, trudging through the night. The spring breeze blew by, and there was a whistling sound in the thick grass on both sides of the road. Han Xiaoran looked indifferent, walking in the middle of the team, expressionless. Behind him are Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan, who are no more relaxed than Han Xiaoran; because Han Xiaoran seems to have received preferential treatment, and there are no bits and pieces on his body, but Sha Xinliang and others have Tie the iron chain, a long chain, starting from Sha Xinliang and ending with the last person, tied up twenty-two people, forming a chain. On the chain, there is a faint star-like color. “Mr. Han practices the Nairabet method. This time, I know someone who is unknown and handed over to the bandit by mistake, which really makes me sigh.” The one who spoke was a middle-aged man on a horse. Ran, after finishing speaking, he still didn’t forget to turn his head and yell: “The faster you go, the heart is bright, even if you can’t break free from the star chains in this area, it won’t hinder your journey much! As for the speed, don’t worry!” Put on a tormented look, and bet the game faster!” Sha Xinliang and the others snorted coldly, still holding on to me. Han Xiaoran said indifferently: “Chu Yang is definitely not an extraterrestrial demon!” After saying this, she shut her mouth. “Isn’t it an extraterrestrial demon?” The man chuckled, and said earnestly: “Brother Han, Master Fa Zun has personally admitted the identity of an extraterritorial demon, Parimatch, and you are still obsessed with roulette? With your current attitude, when you arrive in Law Enforcement City, I’m afraid it’s true.” It will be very hard.” Han Xiaoran said: “Fa Zun did not do this very well; if you want to kill someone, then kill him, why bother to give someone the name of an extraterrestrial demon? That’s it. How could it be you who planted the spoils!

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