The latest chapter,, Category: Science Fiction Author: Dark Blue Coconut Juice This chapter: The scarlet knife light tore through the void as always, and a large number of void fragments rushed towards us. If Ma Wen didn’t dodge, he might be torn to pieces by these pieces before the knife hit him! At the critical moment, Marvin responded calmly. Under the expressionless attack of the mummy, his body suddenly burst into golden light. Warlock King Kong Form! Eight seconds, greatly immune to physical damage. The surface of Marvin’s skin was dyed with a layer of golden glow. If it wasn’t for the somewhat nondescript clothing, in the eyes of others, this was a monk who was using the Immortal King Kong! Crash! Countless void fragments were cut on Marvin’s body, but it could only be like a spring breeze blowing on a tranquil lake, with nothing but faint ripples. Marvin’s hands were like lightning, grabbing the roulette and moving to the sides of the mummy! He endured it for a long time, thinking hard about the countermeasures against the corpse after the spirit possessed, and now it broke out, just for this moment! Take the blade! In a blink of an eye, his right hand clasped the real madrid of the mummy’s shriveled wrist, and the powerful skills inherited from Nairabet’s elven prince were instantly activated! The blade grabbing skill is being activated…the relevant judgment is in progress…the blade grabbing failed! The light of the knife was sharp, and I asked Marvin directly to open his hand; the blade was slashed down, and it went straight to Marvin’s neck! Marvin frowned slightly, even though he had turned on the King Kong form, it wasn’t really a King Kong that wasn’t bad! If this BetWinner’s terrifying scimitar really slashed at his body, it probably wouldn’t be enough. Shadow escape! His figure suddenly disappeared

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