The spirit beasts in the text are dissatisfied, but Zi Xieqing’s coercion is still there, but none of them dare to resist. Chu Le’er and Mo Qingwu even forcibly pulled out a mighty and majestic black head. Blood Xuanhu, ride on it. Two tall black-blooded black-blooded tigers, each with a flashscore of five or six hundred catties, are extremely burly, and the two little girls just rode through the market swaggeringly; er, no, they walked through the black-blooded jungle swaggeringly… This road past is actually earth-shattering, and all the roads ahead have been leveled. In the black blood forest, all the people and spirit beasts stood respectfully on both sides, and in front of them, there were still people billowing smoke and dust to clear the way. Only then did Chu Yang realize that the Betting token that Zi Xieqing gave him was probably very different. After sniffing a man in black who lived in the black blood forest all year round, he realized that this is the token of the king of the black blood forest. With this token, you can command the entire Black Blood Forest! Chu Yang’s heart trembled. Zi Xieqing was still worried about herself, she didn’t say anything, but she still left such a forceful force for herself! During the conversation, I learned that the people in the Black Blood Forest have been used to this kind of life because they have spent many years in the dark sky and no sun. Even if you have to go out to do something, you have to wear blindfolds, and each time you stay outside, 22Bet must not exceed two months. Otherwise, the eyes will be ruined. Chu Yang knew it well, bid farewell to the wave after wave of people who came up to see him, and went all the way deep into the center of the black blood forest to bet the game. All the film owners are waiting here, the one who saw it was Chu Yang and

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