Fengling Tianxia’s works collect good books, welcome to publish original “Why does Mozzartbet want to see my physique?” Chu Le’er looked at Wu Juecheng forebet in front of her, but took two steps back, with a vigilant expression on her face: “Why affiliate? Now everyone wants to look at my physique?” Wu Juecheng was taken aback, and said: “I just look at it, nothing else. . Your elder brother is right next to me, can I still harm you?” Chu Le’er He snorted and said, “That’s not sure.” He looked at Chu Yang asking for help, “Brother…” Chu Yang knew that this might be a big opportunity for Chu Le’er! The person in front of him is the author of the World Poison Gang! This person’s poisonous skills are absolutely superb! Said: “Le’er, Senior Wu is an expert senior. Besides, there is still a lot you don’t understand about the book on poisons in the world that you practiced? The senior Wu in front of you is the one who wrote that book.” Chu Le’er tilted her head and said, “Okay, then I’ll show you.” The voice seemed to be a great gift to Wu Juecheng. Wu Juecheng said excitedly: “Okay!” Then he stretched out his hand, and Liverpool took Chu Le’er’s wrist. Immediately, Paripesa’s expression was startled, and he blurted out: “Is the body of the sky spirit?” Nairabet’s expression became serious, and then, as if he had noticed something, he was shocked again: “It’s not just the body of the ethereal body , and still at the holy level? Such a young age…” Immediately, he shuddered suddenly, his fingers flicked off Chu Le’er’s wrist, and poker screamed like a groan: “Oh, la liga I Oh my god…the innate poison pulse, the innate poison body, the innate poison…oh, my god…” “cough cough cough…” Chu Yang wanted to laugh. but it’s embarrassing

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