Ye Guang almost fainted. The guy in front of him, who was full of hate and wretched all over his face, was none other than Rui Butong! He actually came back to life at such a critical moment. Ye Guang looked at Rui Butong almost as if he was eating people. Five hundred people came here, and now there are only four ninth-rank saints and one leader himself; plus Zhuge Chang, Real Madrid, Mengse, and Ye Shiyu, there are only eight people! As for the other party, none of them had died until now! Moreover, this guy in front of Liverpool actually appeared in front of his eyes so alive and kicking. At this moment, Ye Guang was so angry that he almost wanted to die! Rui Butong on the opposite side was still bouncing around in Parimatch, shouting all the time: “Ye Shi, your father and I are here, why don’t you call me dad? You are unfilial! Call me dad! Call and call…” Ye Shi With a bang, he crushed a tooth in his mouth! It is simply unbearable! But Betway actually said this sentence himself, and now he is caught by someone, but there is nothing he can do. Chu Yang laughed loudly: “It doesn’t work, congratulations on accepting a third-rank righteousness! Hahaha…this is really gratifying!” Ye Shi roared, and rushed towards Rui Butong. When he slapped his palm, Rui Butong laughed loudly, he didn’t even dodge or dodge, and it was also a slap. In the palm of your hand, with blazing heat! With a bang, the two palms were connected in the air; Rui Butong let out a muffled grunt, and rolled out like a rolling ball, rolling out of NetEnt to seven or eight feet, vomiting blood again and again, but unexpectedly raised his head on the ground: “You beat your father just like that? You rebellious! You are so unworthy, you deceive the master and destroy the ancestors so much…” Ye Se was furious

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