“Then you all go to open the way!” Ye Di Xiao Se and others grinned grinningly, and rushed over frantically! At the same time, Fengyue greeted her with a swaying sword! The two of them had reached the point where their oil was exhausted, and the severity of their injuries was really indescribable. () In this battle, the last dripping blood battle method also fought out the life potential of the two of them. The whole body has been completely exhausted! Now, although he is straightening his sword and rushing forward, he actually has no strength at all. He can’t even walk like an ordinary person. If the battle is declared over at this moment, without the enemy killing them, as long as there is no miracle, the two of them will no longer be able to survive! It can still move at this moment, it is already full of the power of that cloud of primordial purple energy! But the husband and wife made a charging gesture. Die, also Bet9ja fight to die! Spinmatic wants to humiliate us, never mind! Fengyue and Fengyue looked at each other, and both saw the tenderness and determination in each other’s eyes. Now, I’m about to die… I don’t regret being husband and wife in this life. One last look, remember how you look, remember how I look Sportybet. If there is an afterlife, don’t forget it! Still be a couple! Zhuge, who was in the dark, widened his eyes suddenly, and his hands were almost sweating. The Dharma Venerable in the dark and Wu Juecheng in the high place are also engrossed! If la liga is the woman who wants to make a move, it’s probably at this moment. If the big formation is to be opened, it will be at this moment! So, this time, although the three of Bu Liuqing seemed to be in a doomsday situation, in fact, it might not be! The two sides are about to contact! At this moment, a long howl blew up, like a dragon singing and a phoenix singing, soaring into the sky! Just like the nine days of turmoil immediately lifted. The dark curtain of the entire sky suddenly disappeared completely, in the

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