The content is being loaded… Chu Yang has to admit that the other party’s calculation has already succeeded. The link of Bu Liuqing was originally the most difficult to be moved! But now, she was the first to be moved, and agreed to the decisive battle! There is news about Ning Tianya, and it’s bad news, even if the livescore breaks his leg, Bu Liuqing will crawl forward! Moreover, once going, if the goal cannot be achieved, Bu Liuqing would rather die than retreat! There is no doubt about this! In this battle, Msports has already locked down Bu Liuqing. As long as the opponents are strong enough, they can kill Bu Lian mercilessly there! But in the face of such feelings, how could Chu Yang persuade him? Chu Yang sighed: “Did you just make an appointment with yourself?” Ning Tianya said: “No, there is also Fengyue couple. BGaming Dharma made an appointment with them, on the same day and at the same place, to end the online casino’s ten thousand years of grievances!” Ten thousand years of grievances?” Chu Yang asked in amazement: “What kind of grievances do they have?” “Fengyue’s master is the previous Dharma Venerable.” Bu Liuqing sighed: “He died at the hands of this Dharma Venerable Fa Zun said this matter clearly today!” Chu Yang sighed, feeling bitterness in his mouth: “So Fengyue must go?!” “Must go!” Bu Liu was full of affection Nodding: Betking “Besides, it’s also an endless decisive battle!” “It’s just an appointment, and the four strong men on our side have three flashscores taken away at the same time?” Chu Yang rumbled a little speechless: “Could it be that you just Didn’t you think about it, this is a huge trap that can kill you?” Bu Liuqing raised his face to the sky, and said calmly: “A man is alive, so he must do what he doesn’t do! His heart is filled with pride,

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