As the power of luck comes from all aspects of the world, it grows stronger and stronger, and the lotus flowers in front of the pharmacists also slowly begin to open their petals. Petals one by one… just opened up slowly. Full of the rhythm of life. But… that is, people cannot compare affiliates. The lotus flowers in Chuyang are as big as several feet in a radius, and they haven’t fully bloomed yet. However, the lotus flowers of the other nine people are only as big as ordinary lotus flowers. Comparing the two phases is like a comparison: the fluorescent sun! next moment. Accidents pop up. Under the incredulous gaze of the great priest, the pharmacist from the Ye family suddenly groaned BGaming, blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, and immediately his face became wrinkled, and his whole body became exhausted. His eyes were wide open, his throat was rattling, but in an instant, he had already lost his breath! The lotus in front of him also seemed to have decayed, the petals withered and fell one by one, and as soon as they fell, they turned into green smoke and flew away. Immediately, the whole lotus flower completely collapsed. It hangs down softly, and then the stem also hangs down softly, and then it turns into a puff of green smoke and disappears without a trace… “What’s going on?” Go check it out. However, it was discovered that the pharmacists of several other big families who were also in the Premier League had the same symptoms: a muffled groan, and then died, and then the lotus flower dissipated. Ten pharmacists participated in the finals, and nine of them died in the finals… Only Spinmatic left Chuyang, the only one left! What’s more than that? Not a champion but a champion. Just, what’s going on here? The great priest of the Evolution game was stunned, raised his hand and slammed his head, and rubbed his eyes: “I must have read wrong!”

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