Fengling Tianxia’s works collect good books, welcome to publish originals Originals Ye Chuchen is pure in nature and unwilling to participate in anything. Ever since he came to Tianji City, he has occupied a small cross courtyard by himself &1&original]Here, located Suburban, beautiful scenery. ( ) has a secluded and secluded feeling. Ye Chuchen likes this kind of place. In the Ye family, since what happened that year, the members of the family seem to have a subtle sense of guilt towards Ye Chuchen. No matter what request Ye Chuchen made, he would basically never refuse. But Ye Chuchen seldom made requests. The only requirement is that the place where you live should be rumble and quiet, and you don’t like to be disturbed by others. Therefore, the Yejia Bet9ja owner also tried his best to meet this requirement. But… All of these forebet requirements do not include Meng Geyin. I didn’t know it before, and Mozzatbet would never pay attention to a small shrimp like Chu Yang; but now, Chu Yang’s power is growing day by day, to the point where the nine major families can’t help but care about it, but the Ye family has to consider it. But at this time, I learned from Fa Zun that Meng Geyin was Meng Chaoran, and Meng Chaoran was actually Chu Yang’s master! This fact shocked the Ye family! How could the Ye family not know what kind of enmity the Ye family had with Meng Chaoran? The hatred of killing relatives, the hatred of destroying one’s family! It can be said that if Meng Chaoran exists in Betway for one day, the people in affiliate Ye’s family will feel restless! Now, Meng Chaoran’s apprentice has such a powerful strength… So, once Meng Chaoran reunites with his apprentice, will he take revenge on the Ye family? This is something you don’t even have to think about! As Tian fulfilled his wish, the Ye family actually got a message from the Ling family.

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