.. Amidst the laughter of the crowd, although the owner of Yaogu Shaogu had a rigid face, he was also a little embarrassing. .When the sports betting roll call, I was a lot more careful. Look at the name, then look at the real face, and then announce the approval. When I clicked on the names la liga one by one, when I clicked on the Ling family, it was Ling Hanwu’s name! Chu Yang took a good look, and saw Ling Hanwu’s expression was stiff, much more rigid than the Roulette and the Xiao family from the Ye family. Chu Yang was startled by Parimatch again, and tried to say: “Uncle Ling Shi, you are here too.” Ling Hanwu hummed, and said, “Ah.” Chu Yang was taken aback. What’s going on with this betting? Moreover, the way Ling Hanwu looked at her was also very strange. Looking at him from the side, his face seemed to be bloodless… After Chu Yang said this, the young owner of Medicine Valley noticed Surebet247, was also stunned, and suddenly asked, “Do you know each other?” Chu Yang coughed twice, and said, “Something’s wrong…” The Master of Medicine Valley Shaogu was stunned again, then pondered, and moved closer. Ling Hanwu couldn’t help but wanted to dodge; Master Shaogu yelled: “Don’t move!” Turned around Ling Hanwu, muttering curses: “Sure enough, there is something tricky!” Returning to the original position, everyone With a shout: “Ling Hanwu of the Ling family, come out!” Ling Hanwu responded. Master Shaogu of Medicine Valley stepped forward with a sullen face, and tore off Ling Hanwu’s face, only to see that what appeared behind the mask was actually another person’s image! The faces of the chief priest and the second priest both darkened. Ling family, what the hell is Msports doing? Such a once-in-a-thousand-year ceremony, actually impostor? “Why are you? Where’s Ling Hanwu?” The high priest suppressed the anger in his heart and said in a deep

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