But then, something even more surprising happened. When the 22Bet auction was coming to an end, three people came out of Room 3 in Tianzi. Yue Lingxue, Feng Yurou, took their apprentice Wu Qianqian, and walked towards the No. 3 herringbone room. Yedi, who is so calm, also widened his eyes suddenly at that moment! As for the others, 1xBet was even more shocked. Just as someone was about to exclaim, his mouth was covered by the people around him. I saw Yue Lingxue walked to the door of Room No. 3, stopped, and then asked: “Senior, can we come in?” Inside, the cold female voice said: “Please!” Apprentice, just walked in. Once you go in, you don’t come out. It didn’t come out until the end of the auction. The hearts of the Nine Great Families and others suddenly became heavy. Ye Di looked at the box in Room 3 of No. 3 Livescore, wondering what he was thinking. He stood up suddenly and walked towards Tianzi No. 1 room. This auction, which was so enthusiastic that Msports almost suffocated chelsa, finally came to an end. The major families left the auction house almost without looking back! It’s like running away! There is not even the slightest bit of excitement of “returning with a full load of Evolution games” in the premier league! All of them had gloomy faces, as if someone had died in the family. Chu Yang and the others naturally stayed at the end. At the invitation of the Fifth Elder of Medicine Valley, Chu Yang came to the warehouse of the Online Casino Auction House very proudly. As soon as he entered, his eyes were dazzled by the brilliant purple light all over the floor. Such a large warehouse is almost full of Amethyst and all kinds of rare minerals exchanged this time, including Slot Games and so on. Chu Yang felt dazzled and rubbed his hands,

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