On the Candlelight Boat, every soul is firmly bound to the boat. Ordinary means cannot plunder these souls away. And apart from the Book of Naaru, Marvin didn’t carry a soul container on him. After all, he is not a necromancer, and although he has enough and miscellaneous things on his body, it is impossible to cover everything. At that moment, after seeking Jay’s consent, he quickly opened BetWinner, the Book of Naru, and forcibly absorbed Jay’s soul into it! In an instant, the alarm sounded at the pier! All the consuls of the underworld who were busy were suddenly startled, and their eyes instantly locked on the empty boat! A figure jumped up quickly, directly left the area of ​​Styx Leap, and flew away to the opposite bank! The reaction of the consul of the underworld was not unpleasant, but when they reacted to Roulette, Marvin had disappeared from their Betking vision! Under the hill, Marvin released Jay. “Thank you, sir.” The boy smiled sincerely. Immediately he became a little dazed: livescore “I have some wishes that need to be fulfilled, but I don’t know what to do.” Marvin was silent≯♀ for a while. The situation was really urgent just now, because he was sure that the boy was Jay who had fought side by side with him in the previous life, so he didn’t hesitate to snatch a soul from the executive premier league of the Hades. However, in terms of consequences, he really had nothing to do. Maybe Necromancer Federer has some advice. Marvin knew that many necromancers in Feinan had mastered the ritual of injecting souls into lifestones or phylactery to become life forms similar to liches. But this way. His soul will never be destroyed by the dead

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