“You are a bird!” Rui Butong jumped up in a rage. Turning to Chu Yang: liverpool “Boss, it’s like this…so…” Then, Livescore, who was detail-oriented, introduced what happened at the beginning, emphasizing: “Actually, I was implicated by the fourth brother.” “Oh…” Chu Yang suddenly realized, and drew his tone: “So it’s really a bird.” Rui Butong was dumbfounded. “Pfft… BetWinner hahaha…” Dong Wushang held his stomach and laughed. Chu Yang continued: “I haven’t played Pragmatic, Wushang, you are too surprised. In fact, every man has a bird as a brother, but we have one more brother. We have two.” “Hahahaha… “Dong Wushang clutched his stomach, and was immediately out of breath. I feel that I have never had such a happy time in BGaming this year! Rui Butong was so angry that his neck was red. Facing these two la liga people, I dare not beat them, dare not scold them… Rui Shenshou felt that he was going to die of aggrieved… The three drank tea, chatted about various things after the separation, and laughed from time to time , After a while, Chu Yang remembered: “Wu Shang, where is your wife?” She’s not here, watch me take care of her when I come back!” “Who are you going to take care of?” A cold and soft voice came in from the door, and Mo Lei’er came in from the outside, dressed in black, holding a bag in her hand. Eat less, and a few jars of wine. Looking at Dong Wushang with a half smile but not a smile: “I came up just now. I saw your brothers reunited, so I didn’t disturb you on purpose. I went down to buy a few side dishes and two jars of wine… Well, just now

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