Lan Muxue was severely injured by Zi Xieqing, how could she still come? After Fa Zun asked these words, the scene was completely silent. Even the people of the Lan family are silent, they don’t know why the ancestors of their own family are still here! Fa Zun said coldly: “The other eight families, all leave! Break up. As for the Lan family, Brother Yue, you can deal with it according to your needs. But I hope this matter will stop here!” After finishing speaking, Fa Premier League The elder stood up, his black clothes fluttering, Ling Ran stood in the air, and said: “Brother Bu, since you want to fight, then come with me!” He had to agree to Yue Lingxue’s request to bet gameliverpool first. Bu Liuqing made it clear that he wanted to make a Spinmatic match with Surebet247; if Fengyue intervened again and the three of them besieged his man city, it would be really bad! With my own identity, I can’t run away, can I? Therefore, Fa Zun had no choice but to agree first that Fengyue and Fengyue could not rush to join forces with Bu Liuqing if they wanted to deal with the members of the Lan family. It’s just a battle with Bu Liuqing, but it will be beneficial and harmless to him. At the very least, it is a kind of flashscore promotion for skill and perception. Bu Liuqing drew his long sword, and said calmly: “Follow me!” The sword light flashed and turned into a thunderbolt of lightning, and with a loud bang, Bu Liuqing had disappeared without a trace. Fa Zun laughed loudly, and his body flashed like a black cloud, just like that, with his hands behind his back, his long hair fluttering to follow. Everyone clearly knew that he had already left, but they felt that his figure in black was still floating quietly and slowly in the air. With a shout, Feng Fengrou and Yue Lingxue live betting at the Lan family at the same time. Without Zi Xieqing talking, the two of them have no intention of letting the Lan family go. Since the Lan family dared to do something to themselves, they would have to pay the price!

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