When he came out from Wu Qianqian’s place, Chu Yang hadn’t walked too far before he saw Lan singing. This Lan sings the BetWinner song… Paripesa is really impatient to die. Chu Yang thought secretly, but he walked over without looking sideways, and gave him a look of “Don’t worry, it’s completely done”. Then Chu Yang hurried away regardless of Lan’s reaction to singing. Lan Singing’s eyes lit up, and a surge of excitement almost rushed to his throat, singing loudly. Only by forcibly suppressing the ecstasy in my heart. Thinking that from today onwards, I can become the disciple and son-in-law of Fengyue Supreme, with a beauty like a fairy in my arms, and can even spoil the big affairs of the Ye family and let my family monopolize the benefits… In that way, Lan The next Patriarch of the family, who is better than me? Thinking of this, Lan Sang Liverpool’s heart was burning. Looking at Chu Yang’s back, Lan Singing murmured a smile, and said softly, “Thanks to this idiot, I will make your death more comfortable.” Then Lan Singing left in a hurry. I went back to make arrangements. After walking far away, Chu Yang turned a corner, his ears moved slightly, and murmured, “But I will never let you die comfortably.” Then Chu Yang turned a few corners and changed himself. His appearance turned into a short and fat man in real madrid, and then he went straight to Shuiyue Tower. In front of Shuiyue Tower, there was already a sea of ​​people. It can be seen that the fifth family has indeed done a great job this time. Chu Yang walked with his hands behind his back, his eyes squinting, and a holy majesty surged out, rushing through the crowd, and many people were knocked backwards and forwards by him, but seeing his cultivation level,

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