Fengling Tianxia) “Endless benefits?” Chu Yang asked in amazement. ) “That’s right.” Zi Xieqing became serious and said, “As far as Fengyue Shuangxin is concerned, among all the dual cultivation techniques I have seen, it is well-deserved number one.” These words BetWinner Wu Qianqian didn’t think much of it when she said it, but Chu Yang was deeply moved by it. All the exercises that Zi Xieqing has seen? How real madrid is that? But Fengyue Shuangxin can be ranked first? “The art of Fengyue Shuangxin clearly has room for further exploration.” Zi Xieqing said: “The power does not seem to be very great now, but… the traditional double forebet cultivation method, Slot Games because of Yin mining The reason for nourishing yang or picking yang to nourish yin is that one of the husband and wife must be in a weak position and cannot go hand in hand.” “However, Fengyue and Fengyue are completely balanced.” “The most important point is… this door After practicing the exercises, you can easily touch the great void!” Zi Xieqing said, “This is the most precious place.” She looked up at Chu Yang, and said, “Your Dao realm BGaming is different from theirs.” Dao realms are different, yours belongs to Qian Kun, but they belong to Yin Yang baccarat. Do you understand?” “Understand Slot Games.” Chu Yang nodded. “Besides, if the two of you cultivate, you don’t have to worry about offspring because of your special traits and skills.” Zi Xieqing said: “In this way, it can also… promote the resolution of… that matter.” Zi Xie Qing said it in a cryptic manner, but Chu Yang understood it, frowning and meditating. Wu Qianqian was on the side, half-understood. “With Leap in this way, it will be a very easy couple to wait until the final stage, or if the wind and rain are soft and the moon is listening to the snow.” Zi Xieqing said

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