“What a clever plan!” Chu Yang slapped his thigh, and then hesitantly said: “Champions league live betting…isn’t it too immoral? Pity me for being gentle and humble since childhood, gentle and kind since childhood…” Lan sings heart poker He cursed contemptuously: You are a puddle of shit! But he persuaded him: “Brother Chu, Brother Chu, I really don’t know what to say about you… You must know that the man is alive… Hehehe…” Contradictions appeared on Chu Yang’s face, and he hesitated, and finally turned into firmness: ” Alright! That’s it!” Chu Yang laughed heartily. Betting’s heart was full of dignity. This strategy is neither ingenious nor vicious! But from this, Chu Yang saw a lot of things, and he became even more vigilant. Naturally, Lan Singing did this not to cause chaos in Jiuchongtian and change the situation in Jiuchongtian. It’s to make the Ye family fall into the quagmire here. With Venerable Fengyue obstructing it, it is difficult for the Ye family to move an inch in Tianji City; how can they carry out other things? In this way, the matter of the elders of the holy clan became the possession of the Lan family? However, even if the Ye family withdrew from this matter, how confident is the Lan family that they will succeed in the Evolution game? What’s more, now the Ling family has been added. Among them, there must be other reasons. But no matter what Betking said, a mere son of the Lan family dared to plot against Fengyue Zhizun! This matter is worthy of Chu Yang’s vigilance. At this moment, he thought of two people. Wu Wuqingrou once said: force cannot be relied on; as long as you have the beauty in your chest, you can change the day and change the day if you don’t have the strength to restrain a chicken! Mo Tianji once said: Ordinary people have wisdom and can serve the Supreme; but if the Supreme has no wisdom, ordinary people can plot him to death! orchid singing

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