“From now on, I will never dare to take such things as heavenly materials and earthly treasures that can increase the power of the champions league for my brothers, never again…” Hearing these words, even Gu Duxing, who had never met Gu Duxing, Zi Xieqing of Dong Wushang and the others also had eye circles suddenly reddened, and in their hearts, they felt that a certain soft place was suddenly touched, and there was an urge to cry in an instant…Gritting their teeth, they finally Go on! It’s a pity that after experiencing such a cruel temper, the edge of the chaotic spirit was pulled back seven times in a row; and then he used this kind of power close to the “Day of Darkness” to accumulate and break through! Cooperate with the Nine Heavens Divine Art! Still can’t! After the betting, Zi Xieqing became ruthless and broke almost all of Chu Yang’s bones! It was continued with an incomplete version of Jiuchong Dan, and it was broken again; it was continued with Betway again! “Every time, it was only when the connection recovered until Chu Yang couldn’t feel the pain at all, it was broken again! Nine times in a row like this! When the last reply was intact, Chu Yang broke through with all his strength, that old man was unbreakable The holy-level barrier finally broke through, and a crack was opened… Immediately, the mighty and mighty avenue of ghost power rushed in! The Nine Heavens God 22Bet Kungfu then charged violently, and the barrier Mozzartbet was wide open! On Chu Yang, there was a sudden shock Shooting lightning-like live betting sword energy, it is unstoppable! Thanks to Zi Xieqing’s space barriers from the beginning, this wave of sword energy was blocked. In fact, every time a battle is fought, it is Zixieqing opened the space barrier first, and Endorphina completely covered the battle space! If not, I am afraid that people would have discovered it during the first battle! The most frightening sports betting Zixieqing

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