Fengling Tianxia Font: Speed: Previous 1 Page 1: “”, Fengling Tianxia;. If you like this work, please subscribe to this book or vote! chelsa! Subscribe to the official BGaming version, let us accompany Fengling to dance with Fengyun, Paripesa! ! If you don’t know how to subscribe or vote, please read: I hope everyone is familiar with the rules of this bar: this bar’s YY channel 207359: Shuiyue Tower, Shuiyue Lake. The water moon tower is brightly lit, surrounded by neon patches, the water surface is steaming, the sky is misty, and the bright moon is looming. The light shines on the foggy lake, faintly, and with the floating water, it expands into thousands of swaying rays of light, as if the heart of a young girl is trembling fiercely but shrinking . On the White Jade Bridge, Chu Yang dressed in a black robe, walked down the bridge gracefully, stopped slightly, turned his head to the side, confirmed the direction of Nangong Shifeng and others, and walked away. In the roulette with flickering lights, half of his handsome face is exposed under the neon lights, and half is hidden in the shadows. Looking from one side, only his eyes can be seen, which are as deep as the cold pool of autumn water. But at the moment when Chu Yang took this step and turned his head – a woman in black was right behind him. At a glance, I saw this face. In an instant, it seemed that thunderbolts and lightning pierced into my heart at the same time! For a moment, there was thunder in my head, my ears seemed to be buzzing, and the stars were popping up in front of my eyes, and I suddenly lost the ability to speak and move, and I stayed here all of a sudden. [] At this moment, the world seems to stand still! Chu Yang, I finally saw you! In the black robe, a delicate body trembled rapidly, behind the black gauze mask, two lines of clear tears flowed slowly. she worked hard

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