The old man looked at the word, smiled wryly, and said, “Little friend really gave me a problem. (The update speed is the fastest in the Reading Livescore Pavilion) On the same day, three people in a row tested the same word; BGaming is going to smash the old Slot Games’ old Pragmatic play signboard.” Chu Yang smiled and said, “The old man’s signboard is made of copper and iron. It’s impossible for idlers to smash it.” The old man laughed loudly and said : “It’s a pity, little friend, you don’t wait for idlers.” Baccarat said the three words “wait for idlers” with a bit of emphasis, as if he meant something else. As he spoke, he picked up the piece of paper, held it in front of his eyes, and exclaimed: “Good writing! Good writing! It’s really a silver hook drawn on iron, with a faint fighting style and awe-inspiring murderous intent. In the Liverpool, there are mountains of corpses and seas of blood, bones everywhere, and the west wind in the setting sun.” , Annihilation of a hundred clans! Seeing this word, it seems to be seeing the folded Nine Heavens!” He raised his head, looked at Chu Yang, and said with a smile, “Little friend, killing evil in this life is very serious. “Chu Yang smiled and said: “Please ask the old man to explain.” The old man’s expression became serious, and he said: “Dare to ask my friend, what is the test.” Chu Yang smiled lightly: “Since others are always asking about the future, Then naturally, I will test the future of sports betting.” After saying this, everyone’s expressions became strange. First came a man in white and wrote a “sky” to ask about his future; another girl sat down and wrote a “sky” to ask about his future. Now, another young man sat down and wrote a “day” and still asked about the future! Today’s incident is really an eye-opener. The old man smiled bitterly again: “This future… this future… …Hehehe… Can’t Xiaoyou ask something else? Isn’t this embarrassing the old man? “Chu Yang

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