Text Author: Dark Blue Coconut Juice Update: 2016la liga011 221:38 Word Count: 4291 White River Valley, in the bedroom of the city master. The rest of KanShu58 had retreated, leaving only Rory and Jessica. Although Anna was very worried, Marvin had also explained before that after he left, the list of people who could be trusted by real madrid included the Three Destiny Sisters of Luanshi Mountain. People who can be favored by the will of the plane are usually not people with evil hearts, there is no doubt about this. It is also because of this that Apocalypse Warlocks can easily gain the support and trust of all Betking people. Any Apocalypse Warlock can pull together a group of people in any age. Let alone three. It’s just that in this way, it seems a bit exaggerated and dazzling, and it is easy to attract the jealousy of others. Of course, these are things for later. “That’s really the only way?” Jessica’s face was very strange. She looked at Rory. The latter seemed a bit guilty. In front of many civilians in City of Hope, she guarded one of the three sisters in City of Hope. However, in front of Jessica, she was always the youngest sister. She rolled her eyes to Leap, finally nodded, and said in a very soft voice: “My live betting Apocalypse Premier League power level is relatively low, so… it seems to be the only way to do it.” Jessica stared A stupid look. The lucky elf was so frightened that he immediately ran behind Rory and hid. Not to mention Kai Pragmatic play is special, even if her master is here, there is no way to stop Jessica from pinching her face fiercely. This Apocalypse, known for his violence, is almost the only person the Lucky Elves fear in this world. Jessica pondered for a moment.

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