· “This is devil energy! It’s holy energy again!” Bai Yiru’s eyes tightened and his eyebrows frowned: “Which clan is this? Which clan? Could it be…could it be…” Bai Yiru’s face Showing a deep sense of worry: “Heaven Nairabet is crying… Heaven and earth are crying… Is it true that the world is going to be in chaos?” A clear sound of Pragmatic play sounded like nine heavens. (Long Mu book, please bookmark flashscore) That huge phoenix finally fully opened its wings. In an instant, the green light twined and soared, and the golden light flickered across thousands of miles, but there was a cloud of black air in the middle, which was still moving! There are too many birds in all directions, and they feel the sky above the ocean. In this piece of Northwest Territories, the Evolution game has never appeared on the vast ocean, dancing lightly. At the moment when the phoenix spread its wings, it stood still in the air at the same time! The phoenix spread its wings, and charged forward with a phoenix cry that resounded through the nine heavens. Penetrate Qiongxiao! At the moment when the phoenix soared into the sky, the birds were silent, quietly, respectfully, prostrated themselves, and lowered their proud heads. Show your incomparable respect to your own king! The phoenix soars away, turning into a piece of colorful cloud in the sky, then the colorful cloud dissipates, turns into a colorful cloud, and finally disappears. With a long groan, the golden dragon disappeared without a trace in an instant. The green light flickered for a moment, and Mozzartbet disappeared. Only that thick black air was still turning baccarat and poker in the air, surging. Then there was a sudden surge of black air, slowly turning into a blurry shape, seeing his face clearly, just standing in the void, with the Spinmatic blue sky above his head, and his feet stepping on the mountains and rivers for thousands of miles! This Ruying slowly turned around and faced Dong Dong.

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