Chu Yang had black lines all over his head. When did my brother have such a nickname? The dandy buster sounds nicer, but what about the perverted 1xBet killer behind him? Am I rumble a pervert” or the killer of a pervert? I stopped and saw that the white clothes behind me were like snow, and it seemed that there was a burst of cold air blowing towards my face. Hundreds of people came silently, and the white clothes were like snow. Snow, the long sword champions league is like silver. Chu Yang’s pupils shrank. These people don’t need to speak, but just looking at it like this, they immediately feel the chilling air man city on their bodies! Moreover, each of them is a master! The lowest Yes, they are all king-level masters! There are not a few saint-level masters. And the few people walking in the middle of the team look young, but every step they take, it seems that the whole sky and earth are moving with them! It is the realm of merging into Taixu! Supreme! And the two people who are leading the live betting are a man and a woman. On the face, it seems that she will never laugh, just looking at it, it has the meaning of rejecting people thousands of miles away. And this woman, Chu Yang Betting actually knows. The Ling family! Ling Hanxue! It seems that these people, It is a member of the Ling family, one of the nine ruling families of the Jiuchongtian. Zi Xieqing was also looking at these people, looking at the man who walked first, and said in admiration: “This man should be less than five years old. Ten years old, I didn’t expect that he was already a seventh-rank saint-level cultivation base! Although there are traces of forcibly improving with the help of drugs, but at this age, it is very rare and precious to be able to have such a cultivation level! It can be said that sports betting is a Wizard of the World! “Chu Yang Liverpool was startled: “There is this

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