Someone asked me today why I was so tired from fighting, I have never seen anyone so tired… I burst into tears. I have never explicitly stated our subscription, and now I will tell you the truth, our proud 20-hour subscription is 6,000, sometimes 5,700, sometimes 6,100; when the highest 22Bet, it did not exceed 6,300 . On the surface, I have a lot of hardcore fans, and many people support me, but everyone is yelling at the pirated version: I support Fengling! Feng Ling has a good character! More updates! The book is great! ! I support him wholeheartedly! But I have been fighting for so long, and the 20-hour subscription is still 6,000. Those who really support me are the six thousand brothers and sisters who are subscribing. Such a gap, I don’t work hard, okay? There are only two things I rely on: one is that the fat man has more hands than me. Although my speed is slow, I am faster than him. Otherwise, I wouldn’t fight at all! Second, the most important thing is the loyalty of our proud subscribers! I once said that our world-defying brothers have strong cohesion and a high rate of votes. Many brothers fully support it! Even ticket exchange support… Every time I see Piaohong, my heart trembles. I once said a word: Give me 9,000 subscriptions, and I can be proud of myself! ! Because of everyone’s full support, because I can work hard! In the past few months, Surebet247 came to the second place, and there were only less than 5,000 subscriptions at that time! But, the base number…the base affiliate number is there. Insufficient stamina livescore! From the beginning of the month, when I decided to fight, I decided to double my efforts! The dedication and renewal this month are obvious to all. 25 days have passed in a month, and I have been coding all night for 17 days! But until now, I am also disabled. It’s been a few days now

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