The roulette opponent is in front of me, the person who judged me, Parimatch, wants my subordinates to take the initiative to judge, point out the crime, and pronounce the crime… This is already the ultimate insult! And it’s obvious, with the nature of Bet9ja that is infinitely insulting, doing it on purpose! However, there is nothing I can do. The other party’s cultivation was far higher than his own, and he had no room to resist in the face of such a terrifying cultivation Leap. Even if it is a humiliation, you can only bear it. Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. What should I do? How should this be said? Zi Xieqing’s face turned cold, and she slowly said: “What I hate the most in my life is bullying weak women with power! Today, I will issue a warning for this Jiuchongtian!” Her face was cold, and she said: “This person , called Jin Si; usually do all kinds of evil, condone the evil, bully weak women, bully men and women, the crime is heinous! I declare that the death penalty will be imposed!” Jin Si, who was kneeling on the ground, raised his head desperately, and said hoarsely: “You…why do you convict me like this?! You…you are not a law enforcement officer…” He was caught by Zi Xieqing, and his whole body was controlled like a puppet. He knelt on the ground and could not move. It’s like pressing down on ten mountains at the same time, and it’s impossible to even move a livescore finger. At this moment, when he heard that he was convicted, he struggled desperately and raised his head. He knew that Zi Xieqing wanted Paripesa to take the knife on him first. If the evidence of the crime was conclusive, he would really be “sentenced to death”. How could he not struggle to survive at a critical moment? “You are neither the law enforcer, nor the ruler of the Nine Heavens, nor the punishment hall of our Lan family! You can kill me if you want, why do you have to add the crime before I die in the Evolution game?

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