Fengling Tianxia’s works collect good books, and publish original Betway welcome you. With a sword down, a small stone was just lifted by Chu Yang. A cloud of dark blue premier league poisonous gas that was almost capable of incinerating everything in the Slot Games rose violently come up! The stone walls around were beeping and beeping for a while, and a layer of powder falling from the Paripesa was just a layer of poisonous mist, which actually turned the hard stones of the Black Blood Forest into a layer of poison! Chu Yang was covered in cold sweat, and a pair of eyeballs suddenly protruded from my forehead… The inner alchemy of the poisonous dragon flood instantly turned pale, and there was a layer of green roulette fog inside. {}The poisonous gas rose upwards, Chu Yang forcibly held his breath, and the Nine Layers Pill exploded at this moment, covering Chu Yang’s body with a light film: the poisonous gas floated out with a bang. In this narrow space, one dispersed, and the stone powder fell down again. By the time the poisonous gas was released, half of Chu Yang had been buried in the incinerated stone powder. And the light curtain formed by the Nine Layers Pill also disappeared. “I rely on this poison to be really powerful.” Chu Yang was stunned in his mind. He had two layers of protection, the Nine Layers Pill and the Poisonous Dragon Flood Inner Pill, both of which are the most poisonous nemesis in the world. The curtain was damaged, and the poisonous dragon jiao inner alchemy also turned blue. “This is the poison of protection, not the poison of the Sky Poison Jade Crystal.” The sword champions league spirit said: “The Sky Poison Jade Crystal needs to be activated, it won’t be activated, it can only hurt your own Spinmatic, not others. You continue to dig Well, it should be Betting next.” Chu Yang exhaled, took the poisonous dragon jiao inner alchemy, and soaked it in the vitality spring water. Then he wrapped the flashscore stone powder with Yuanli, and slammed it into the stone wall fiercely. Heart said, this place will suffer

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