Wei Wuyan’s expression changed, and he asked: “Could it be something…” When he said this, his face suddenly turned pale. Obviously, Wei Wuyan also thought of a terrible fact. Chu Yang’s eyes flickered, and he said: “This way, except for the negligible obstacles that Surebet247 appeared when we first entered the forest, we were able to pass through the black blood forest that is famous all over the world!” And Brother Wei, firstly, you didn’t reveal your identity as Liverpool; secondly, even if you did reveal your identity, it wouldn’t have much deterrent effect here.” “So there must be another reason!” Chu Yang said, Wei Wuyan His complexion is also getting uglier. Chu Yang turned around and looked at Wei Wuyan: “Brother Wei, there seems to be only one person who can do this in the black BGaming Blood Slot Games jungle.” Wei Wuyan swallowed dryly, and said: ” Yes, there is only one person.” His voice became a little dry. “If it’s really that person, why did he do this?” Chu Yang asked. Wei Wuyan let out a long sigh of relief, and said, “I, Parimatch, don’t know either.” The two fell silent. In any case, it has now penetrated 1,400 miles. Not far from the center. If that person really deliberately asked him to wait for someone to enter the Premier League, then it would be impossible to quit at this moment. No matter what is waiting ahead, the three of them can only move forward. But at the moment, the mood is already a little heavy. The three of them went all the way, and Wei Wuyan suddenly discovered: Chu Yang, a money fanatic, is actually still hunting for elixir! And the frequency is very dense, the basic live betting is the perceived herb, never let it go! Sometimes even have to detour far

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