Someone in the background will reply as soon as possible! Marvin froze there for a moment. At that moment, the imprint on his palm suddenly became hot. He thought it was an illusion before, but now turning his hands over, he suddenly saw a miniature version of the scale of truth! He knows the power of the God of Truth. As an ancient god, once her power is restored, it is almost impossible to measure her with the existing method of measuring the power of a god in Premier League. If he becomes her guardian knight, most of the gods or devils in this world will not dare to trouble him. This is a great temptation. However, he still shook his head and rejected Jasmine’s invitation. His answer is simple. “I just protect the people who need my protection.” “I am a person without faith, the truth is very precious, but I’m sorry, I still don’t have the ability to believe in one thing.” Such an answer did not seem to make Jasmine Surprised. She just nodded and smiled sweetly. “If this is the case, it doesn’t matter.” “Thank you very much for protecting me when I was the weakest. Griffin is my paladin, and he is a flashscore that has been induced by me. But can you I was really surprised to do so.” “Anyway, if you need help from my Betway’s Endorphina, you know how to find me.” She blinked playfully. The scale of truth in Marvin’s palm suddenly disappeared without a trace. Marvin thought about it. “Are you leaving?” He looked at Jasmine and Griffin. Jasmine nodded: “I have been away from this world for too long, I don’t even know what it looks like now…” “I will go to some people…” “I will also go to some places to see

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