The fifth part: Xiaoao Zhongtian/XIUCAI Title: “” Fengling Tianxia Read this book on your mobile phone URL: volume] Chu Feilong knew that he was doomed, but at this moment he heard his son screaming, Only then did he realize that his two sons were in the same danger as himself. <! Shouting desperately… The four king-level guards were furious at the same time, pressing down harder! But Chu Feilong seemed to be desperate at this moment, with blood gushing from his mouth, breaking his heart veins, bursting out all his vitality potential, struggling and shouting: "Online Casino run away…run away…get out …" "Teach him! Tell him to shut up! Don't let him die easily!" Ye Wubo ordered coldly with a gloomy face. The four of them agreed with one voice, and started at the same time! During the punching and kicking, betting Chu Feilong kept screaming, but still mustered up all his strength, and shouted with all his strength: Betking "Hu'er! Jiao'er… run away… escape… escape… thousand Just remember… in the future…" Livescore mustered up all his strength, and blood and minced flesh spurted out together with the broken teeth Premier League: "…be a good person in the future!…" This life In the movie, Chu Feilong exhausted all his intrigues and schemes, even his own father and brother, but it can be said that he did all the bad things! But at the moment when he knew that he was unlucky and that he had come to a dead end, the words he shouted turned out to be to educate his son: Be sure to remember Slot Games in Parimatch, and be a good person in the future…" fiercely Lesson!" Ye Wubo looked at Chu Feilong cruelly and happily without moving his eyes. Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao screamed wildly, jumped up and were about to rush out. Ye Wubo stretched out his palm, the palm of his hand

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