Net, duwo,. This Mozzartbet time, they need to vent! Need revenge! Obviously, as long as the Premier League wants to confirm Chu Feilong’s identity as an ‘internal traitor’, Ye Wubo’s order, even if Chu Feilong has 10,000 lives, Slot Games will never get out of this room alive! Cold sweat dripped down Chu Feilong’s face, and he felt that the murderous intent was getting stronger and stronger, as if his head would run away from home in the next moment. In desperation, he shouted loudly: “The Thirteenth Master… There is a misunderstanding! Think about it, I have been loyal to the Thirteenth Master in the past twenty years, and have I ever done anything to disappoint the Thirteenth Master? BGaming ?Even if I’m really a spy, there’s no need to wait until twenty years later to launch it in this sensitive period, right?” Ye Wubo said coldly, “If you’ve been patient for so many years, you’ll have big plans.” But his tone has eased a little. Chu Feilong live betting anxiously said: “Besides… Then Chu Yang is just a bastard living outside, and in the next three days Surebet247, what ability does he have to be able to cultivate to become the emperor in the sword? Thirteenth Lord, can severely injure Ma Laosan and juxtapose him What he did to death was not something that ordinary sword emperors in the Evolution game can do. The emperor in this sword is affiliated… At least it should be possible for a sword emperor who is close to the emperor level…” He took a breath, holding back With panic in his heart, he said: “Even if this little bastard is in a big family like the Ye family, it is impossible for him to become the emperor of the sword at the age of eighteen… Thirteenth Lord, can you Betway must be clear!” Ye Wubo really pondered this time. Yes, even if my eldest nephew, Ye Canmeng, the number one genius recognized by Jiuzhongtian and the number one eldest son of the Ye family, Ye Canmeng, with the full support of the family, broke through to the first-rank sword emperor,

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