Chu Xiongcheng suddenly turned around and looked at Parimatch Chu Yang. The grandfather and grandson looked at each other silently. It must be because of what happened that night that they came to see you to go to the Executing Two Law Hall. After all, it was too coincidental for you, a genius doctor, to appear. Mr. Chu frowned and said: “Moreover, this matter was done by law enforcers, and the poker family cannot intervene!” Some are up to you. I know. Chu Yang said lightly: “There is nothing that can’t be done to me.” Grandpa, you can rest assured. Old Master Chu sighed: “Isn’t it okay to do something that you haven’t done before?” You kid, think too simply? Just a suspicion can kill BGaming man NetEnt, let alone man city is such a big deal? Endorphina is a big deal for law enforcers, killing half a person by mistake? Go ahead and take care of everything. Mr. Chu sighed, his expression was gloomy. Don’t tell your mother about this. Chu Yang said. I’m afraid she already knows. Chu Xiongcheng smiled wryly: Those who enforce the law never hide their actions. Since he blatantly came to the Chu family to be an important person, how could your mother not know about it? Chu Yang’s face darkened, and he said heavily: 1xBet damn law enforcer! After walking out of the gate of the Chu family following the two law enforcers, Chu Yang couldn’t help turning his head. The mother was right behind her, she could hardly stand, her face was pale, and she seemed about to fall down. He stood there only with his father’s support. Chu Yang stood upright and said solemnly: Mother, bet the game, I will be back! This sentence, said firmly, is full of convincing power. Yang Ruolan’s nearly collapsed nerves seemed to gain a little support after hearing this sentence, she stared deeply at her son, and said softly:

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