Law enforcement auction hall! The name of the enforcer’s auction hall is very easy to understand. easy to understand. At present, on the highest point of the five-story building, there are already several people in brocade clothes standing on it, looking up into the distance. “Wujin Town is in chaos!” The first person, with three strands of long beard floating on his chest, Fang Zheng’s face, deep eyes, sparkled brightly: “From your point of view, which family caused the chaos this time?” It may not be these three!” Another person, Paripesa, is a bit bloated, and Betting’s face seems to be oval, and he seems to be smiling all the time, saying: “If we talk about the arson at the beginning, although the speed is fast, there are still fires. The rule can be followed, that is, it starts from the east, goes around Endorphina for a big circle, and then ends in the northeast. According to the results reported, the arson this time was just an unexpected flashscore, and people who are fireproof may not have much cultivation High, at most five or six levels of the throne, that’s the top. Even if it’s a ninth-rank throne, casino Slot can do it.” “This should only be harassment by the Evolution game.” The round-faced middle-aged man came to a conclusion. “What about the riots after that?” the bearded man asked with a smile. He is obviously very satisfied with the inference of his subordinates. “The riots after this are different, but it can also be clearly seen that this man city is still done by one person! So far, nineteen shops have been reported…” He was talking here, But I heard someone shouting inside: “Two more shops have been looted, one from the Chu family and one from the Bao family.” He sighed, and said: “Then this person’s cultivation is terrifying. Even compared to the boss… I’m afraid…” He didn’t finish Betway, but the meaning behind his words

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