In the dark passage of No. 116 Novel Banner, the three of them moved forward quickly. The three are all top experts. Even Minsk’s strength has been damaged due to years of imprisonment, but at least they can keep up. Different from following the Emerald Banshee last time, Marvin felt an inexplicable pressure when he went deep into the Regis ruins this time. Faintly, he seemed to hear a heartbeat. This is definitely not the sound of the beating Surebet247 heart of Dungeon Slot Games. Everything is strange. He got a little nervous. But when he scanned the new information that appeared on the data panel, his mind suddenly became much more stable. I have become much stronger. Even if the God of the Wild is really resurrected, he is not completely defenseless no matter how he fights back. Because what happened before was too fast, Marvin hurried all the way from the Temple of the Wilderness to the Ruins of Regis, so he could only count the gains after killing the clone of Roulette, the God of the Wilderness, on the way. The result was astonishing. I didn’t expect that Marvin’s strength would have taken a qualitative leap just by killing a nearly unconscious clone of the ancient god in Premier League betting! This live betting point is naturally not reflected in the tens of thousands of Betway experience points, nor is man city a full 12 points of perception points, but Ma Bettingwen’s advanced virtual godhead, which has finally produced a powerful evolution ! The high-level virtual godhead was obtained by Marvin from the elf who guarded the origin of the dark dragon god. For this thing, he still has that piece of hot potato in his storage device now. Although the elf repeatedly assured that the fake death dragon god Hartson would not find this thing-provided that Marvin didn’t provoke him;

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