The seventh part of the Nine Betway Nine Heavens quelled suddenly, and the phantom moth involuntarily entered the Nine Tribulations Space like throwing a fire! Chu Yang followed with a smile. After a long time, Chu Yang only felt that his whole body was so full that he wanted to leap and explode! It seems that the whole body, every hair, every fine hair is in a state of drinking the blood of the dragon. chelsa is very excited! After a not-so-hard struggle, Phantom was completely swallowed by Chu Yang! This at least 80,000-year soul made Chu Yang not only make up for the missing soul, but also exceed it by dozens of times! This kind of powerful compensation made Chu Yang almost explode! With his current soul power Msports, it is impossible to completely digest it. This is like a person who can eat only two steamed buns in one meal, but eats twenty NetEnt steamed buns in one meal! Chu Yang was full of fullness, and even felt that he was lazy and didn’t want to do anything. Even in the blink of an eye, BetWinner felt unnecessary. Forcing himself to immerse his soul into the Quenching Pool, Chu Yang closed his eyes. After a long time, Chu Yang only felt that his soul seemed to be constantly vibrating, making the sound of mountains roaring and tsunami, and then lightning and thunder… Finally, there was a loud shock! Outside, Chu Yang’s body sitting cross-legged on the ground shook violently, and all the pores of his body spurted out blood neatly! In the Nine Tribulations Space, a relaxed smile finally appeared on Chu Yang’s face. The strong vibration this time woke up the sword spirit who had fallen into a deep sleep. Sword Spirit obviously looked like an extremely weak baccarat, barely supporting himself to climb up Endorphina. Looking at the Soul Quenching Pool, he saw la liga at a glance. Chu Yang was almost able to

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