31betting2 early in the morning. The brigade began to descend the mountain. Chu Yang’s face was full of spring breeze, and he bid farewell to his brothers with great ambition. Everyone patted their shoulders and laughed. People and horses gradually Betking away. Between heaven and earth return to silence. The side of the dead lake is clean. Not even a little blood left. Snow began to flutter in the sky again. Chu Yang walked back calmly with a smile on his face. Only one tent remained. All the brothers worked together, and before leaving, they tied up the tent firmly, and more than half of it was buried in the ice and snow. Such a tent will only be blown to pieces by the wind, and will never be blown away. Inside, there were piles of food and fine wine, enough for Chu Yang to use for half a year. Affiliate is on the coffee table on one side, and there are lamps and Flint champions league, which can’t be used up in a year. The best animal skins covered the entire tent with several layers of Endorphina from the roof to the walls and even the ground. Chu Yang lay on the rumble animal skin, blinking his eyes and thinking for a long time. Gu Duxing is in charge, and Mo Tianji is planning, I am very relieved. You Slot Games have their own goals, and I am very relieved. From now on, even without me, you can still cross the Nine Heavens! As for Mo Qingwu, don’t mention it. With an elder brother like Mo Tianji, he would definitely not be able to treat his younger sister badly. With Tan Tan, the demon king who is about to awaken, there is no problem with Master Meng Chaoran’s wish. Rest assured Betway, right? Chu Yang smiled faintly, and his eyes were filled with melancholy. In this life, I have made up for all the regrets, right? There is nothing more that I can never forget. It’s a pity that I have grown up so much that I haven’t stayed in my mother’s arms for even a moment. Even, mother, I don’t know what you look like yet! Dead Lake’s

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