Let us dance in the wind and clouds together; let us read this gorgeous article together! “Why not save?” Chu Yang turned his head to chelsa and looked at Mo Tianji. “Why save Betway?” Mo Tianji frowned. “If you want to save him, Gu Duxing can rescue him without any damage from the very beginning!” Mo Tianji said angrily, “I’m trying to use this to expose Tian Buhui’s conspiracy, and use this to deal with the Shi family who rumbled for three days. Leaving a bad impression of the Shi family from the Nine Heavens Law Enforcement Officers will make it easier for us to act in the future!” “Now that the Dark Demon is not dead, the atmosphere of repressed grief and indignation has not been rendered in place by Slot Games! Without this atmosphere, The effect is bound to be greatly reduced, and it is difficult to arouse hatred and injustice…” Mo Tianji frowned: “Why are you so impulsive? The Black Demon deserved to die, and he died with peace of mind! You let him live Instead, there are many more variables.” Chu Yang looked at him with fixed eyes, and he finally understood why Gu Duxing was not very active in betting at the beginning. The reason lies in the Evolution game, because Mo Tianji had predicted it in advance, so he also arranged for Gu Duxing in advance. But how could Mo Tianji’s status in Leap’s Gu Duxing’s heart be comparable to that of Chu Yang? So although Mo Tianji made arrangements, Gu Duxing immediately gave up his original decision when Chu Yang shouted! The black devil was rescued. Among them, there is another kind of man city confrontation. Wisdom and humanity! In fact, it belonged to the confrontation between Chu Yang and Mo Tianji. Mo Tianji didn’t ask about the process, he only wanted the result. The biggest difference between Chu Yang and him is also here. After a long time, Chu Yang let out a deep breath, and said in a deep voice, “Tianji, I understand your plan, and it is completely

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