With one order, the head fell to the ground! Blood gushed out and flowed all over the floor. Ao Tianxing clearly found that his ninth younger brother gave him a complicated look at the last moment, and said nothing. In other words, he was aware of this result from the beginning when BetWinner cultivated his son and encouraged him to compete for the position of Ao Xieyun’s future Patriarch. But… still doing roulette like this! Therefore, there is no complaint about the head falling to the ground at this moment. Very forebet calm, but also very complex. When he realized his decision before, Ao Tianfeng was still shocked and desperate; but now, from that glance, he can’t even see his nostalgia for life. The thirteenth brother Ao Tianwu has always been the most betting person, but now he only said the last sentence: “Let them reunite with me as soon as possible!” Ao Tianxing closed his eyes, two lines of tears fell down. You already know! You are already prepared! You also clearly know that your strength will not be reversed in the end, but why do you still do this? People are dead, or these questions have been brought into the loess. It is no longer possible for Ao Tianxing to know what his brothers are thinking. Ao Xieyun kept pursing his lips, watching the execution in the field, the muscles on his face were convulsed, seeing so many heads being chopped off together, Ao Xie Yun clearly felt dizzy for a while in his head! He swayed and almost fell to the ground. Affiliate Chu Yang was beside him, stretched out a hand silently, supported him, and said indifferently: “Winners and losers, it’s just poker. They were prepared a long time ago, and now, there is no hope; The spiritual pillar has collapsed, or it is also a walking dead.

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