“Let go!” Chu Yang stared fiercely. “Let go!” Mo Tianji was furious. “Let go! Xiao Wu wrote this to me.” Chu Yang really wanted to punch this guy on the nose. “Fart! I can’t read the letter written by my little sister, but you, an outsider, can read it?” Mo Tianji refused to budge. After a long time, the two finally compromised. “Forebet half?!” Mo Tianji twisted his face when he saw the first picture of his Leap half: “Second brother! I hate you! I hate you, hate you, hate you!” Mo Tianji turned pale, With a long sigh, he turned over this one. The second photo: “Second brother, Mo Tianji, I hate you!” premier league Mo Tianji rubbed his temples, then looked at the third la liga photo: “Brother Chu Yang, I miss you so much, when will you come pick me up?” Me?” Mo Tianji’s face darkened. The fourth card: “Brother Chu Yang…I miss you so much, I cried again today… Woohoo, the more I miss you, the sadder I become…” The fifth card: “Brother Chu Yang, come quickly , they bullied me, my second brother also bullied me, Xiao Wu is dying…” “I miss you… Brother Chu Yang.” Mo Tianji flipped through the stack very quickly. Scolding himself is just thinking of Chu Yang. Or, in Mo Qingwu’s heart of Endorphina at that time, he was the one who hurt her the most, right? After all, she has premonitions and preparations for other people’s injuries, but she is completely caught off guard for her own BGaming injuries. But I…but I’m really doing it for your own good… Mo Tianji’s heart was twisted like a knife, and his hands trembled. “King Chu Yan! I’m going to kill you!” Mo Tianji finally cried out in grief and indignation. He saw the last three. One of them reads: “Brother Chuyang

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