Other chapters and catalogs Popular ,,,,,,,,,,,, “The hunt is about to begin. ()” “Dear mentor, I will definitely wake you up.” A deep voice sounded in the dark square. A tall man in black robe stood in front of a sarcophagus. The two sides of the sarcophagus were shining like stars. If Marvin was here, he would be able to recognize it at a glance. The star rumble was a pair of daggers! Cold Light Grip! At this moment, the Grip of Cold Light was inserted on both sides of the sarcophagus, one on the left and one on the right. Inside the sarcophagus, there was the roar of a beast! “Roar!” It seemed like an ancient evil spirit was about to wake up! Then Nairabet suddenly flashed a strange rune on the sarcophagus, forcibly suppressing these roaring sounds. The man in black raised his head silently, as if there was some secret hidden in the dark sky. Behind him, a large amount of fog surged, and the two-headed dragon came out of BGaming silently from the fog. Then there’s the Emerald Banshee. “Master, it’s very dangerous for you to do this.” “You know, it was the one who lured you to fall; it was also the one who killed Miss Silver Moon.” The banshee’s expression was complicated. Before arriving at the wilderness palace, she didn’t even know that her master, real madrid, had such a crazy plan. “No one can resist its will, you will kill yourself if you do this!” The black-robed man turned his head to Paripesa, the green soul fire flickering: “If you want to resurrect a god, you must use the godhead of another god As a memorial.” “It killed Luna at the beginning, now, it’s time for him to pay off his debts.” “Don’t worry, I have Mozzartbet methods to deal with it.” Lich Online Casino’s tone was terrifyingly calm: “Just yes

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