Chu Yang and Gu Duxing were also stunned for a while. How dare we spend half a day beating them to death, but the other party didn’t deal with us? After arguing for a long time, was Ao Xie Yun topped? What is this called Msports? Damn it, what kind of friendship does buddy have with Ao Xieyun… The people from the Ou family and the few people from the Black Demon family who came to help were all dizzy: You have already killed so many of us by cutting melons and vegetables, and you also I’m embarrassed to open my mouth with red lips and white teeth and say this is a misunderstanding? This fucking mouth is really amazing, one mouth is heaven, but when the premier league shuts up, it is earth. Ji Mo frowned, and said with a bitter face: “Damn me, buddy, look at this matter… I’m really sorry, who is Ao Xieyun, and what is live betting?… We don’t even know I don’t know you, are you right, cough cough… this is a big misunderstanding!” He rubbed his nose, smiled awkwardly, and said awkwardly: “Look at the champions league…how about we explain it to you?” I’m sorry… well, let me say sorry… let’s just forget about this matter? Isn’t it? Forget it? It’s better to settle the enemy than to end it.” Ji Moyue said more earnestly. The third-rank emperor of the Ou family was almost going crazy with anger: “What are you talking about?! You killed someone, and you just want to say sorry and finish the job? Should the enemy be resolved or not? What nonsense is this!” Ji Mo was deeply saddened Yes, he said in a very serious manner: “Senior, as the saying goes, people cannot be resurrected after death, so please let us mourn… After all, even if we are dead now, their heads have fallen off… Besides, we have to take Online Casino shows our BetWinner sincerity, and we come to ask Man City for your understanding…” “What sincerity?” The emperor looked at the expressions on the faces of the three of them,

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