The people had already left, leaving only a group of people from the Mo family looking at each other, sighing in unison, so regretful that they hit the wall! Damn it, if I had known that the young lady had such an awesome backstage… who would dare to offend her? Even Mo Wuxin and Mo Tianyun, it’s too late to be a grandmother…Compared to the regrets and disappointments of other members of the Mo family, Mo Tianji’s mentality is very stable. “Even if I give you good things, can you keep them?” Mo Tianji snorted, “How can you survive and make BGaming strong enough to rely entirely on other people’s families?” “Only by yourself!” Mo Tianji He said heavily: “You can only rely on yourself!” “Could it be impossible to rely on yourself?! If you only want to rely on the supreme, then the Mo family should be disbanded!” After saying the last sentence, Mo Tianji walked away, Turn home to the main den. Leap was left alone with the elders who were lost in thought. The next day, Mo Tianji received a message from Parimatch: The Ou family is secretly engaged in some activities. During this time, they have very close contacts with other major families… Mo Tianji immediately smelled a conspiracy. He was already famous for Nairabet’s scheming and scheming. Now that he saw such affiliate news, his first reaction was: Is the Oujia Endorphina going to do something? However, if the Ou family took action, who would it be targeting? Mo Tianji pondered for a while, and finally gave the order: “Check! What happened to the Chaou family during this period! Which family did you contact? How did you contact the Premier League? The more detailed the better!” Mo family information The net is fully operational! In just one day, a few pieces of paper were placed on Mo Tianji’s desk! “Assassination against Chu Yan Wang… the thirty masters have not returned

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