The first update! Chu Yang was at a loss. He was in some pain, pulling his hair, with a pained expression on his face. “Master Sword Master, you can also enter this Quenching Soul Spring now.” The voice of Sword Spirit came over. “How to enter?” Chu Yang asked unconsciously. “You just need to enter the chelsa state of sleep, and then I can send your spirit into the Soul Quenching Spring.” Sword Spirit said: “However, with your current spirit, it is estimated that you can only soak it once every three days and last for one month. One month. It will be able to achieve the initial stability of the spirit and spirit; if you want to go further, you need to be solidified again after the king-level cultivation base.” “Oh…that’s how it is.” Chu Yang responded, and he was in this space Lie down. Not only was he going to soak in the Soul Quenching Spring, but he also had to ask Sword Spirit what he was most worried about. So, even though he knew that Meng Chaoran and Tan Tan must be waiting outside, he still lay down. In a daze of mind, Chu Yang felt himself spinning for a while, as if his flashscore had been extracted from his body, and he felt an inexplicable rumble. Immediately, Chu Yang found himself Paripesa appearing in the Nine Tribulations Space. I have another body, but this body of my own is very light and weak, as if it can be blown away in one breath. Compared with the sword spirit’s body, which is almost the same as that of an ordinary man city, the difference is not known how many times. I saw that beside the pool where Sword Spirit’s baccarat soaked his body, there was another pool of average size, in which water mist was evaporating, exuding a blurred color, as if he had entered his own dream. The sword spirit was signaling Chu Yang to lie down in that pool. As soon as Chu Yang thought about it, he felt himself floating up, slowly drifting towards this soul quenching pool. stop

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