You know, being able to withstand an attack and break through the limit in a fierce battle is tantamount to adding endless strength to the Premier League! This is not something ordinary people can do. If Ji Mo and Luo Kedi can do this, it will play a crucial role in their future battles! In the early morning, when everyone continued on their way, Chu Yanghe suddenly discovered that his team consisted of sixteen people, and now, except for Mo Qingwu, everyone else carried something on their backs. live betting Gu Duxing and the others carried the Xingchen Iron on their backs, but the several thrones of the Gu family actually carried a large flat bluestone on their backs! Think about it, ten old men, uh, among them there are a few middle-aged people in their forties, all carrying a mountain-like boulder… This discovery made Chu Yang laugh at it! On this day, before the morning of Betting, several thrones couldn’t stand it anymore. Suffering from back pain and leg cramps, I had no choice but to put down the boulder again, and finally realized that the road to breakthrough for a genius is not so easy… “It’s not that you can’t do it, but that you have already passed this age.” Eating During lunch, Chu Yang said: “Most of you have already passed the time when Wu Zong and Wu Zun tempered your bones and internal organs! Therefore, you can’t keep up. As for them, they have been like this since Wu Zong’s time.” It was tempered; when BGaming Wu Zong refined the bones, it was so high pressure, and when Wu Zun tempered the internal organs, it was also under such high pressure!” Chu Yang said lightly: “Although we are all at the king level now, the few of us are in the Wu Zong and Wu Zong. Wu Zun laid the foundation at that time, but Liverpool is dozens of times stronger than you! So, what we can do, you can’t do, that’s the reason.”

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