Chu Yang was also very tired, but he had to endure it. If he showed that he couldn’t bear it, then this training would end without a problem…. Eat and rest at noon, more than half an hour. This amount of time is simply insignificant for the four people who had suffered so much in Paripesa just now. In the afternoon, they started to run wildly again… Gu Duxing, Dong Wushang, and Ji Moluo defeated the four of them even more desperately! Because Boss Chu said: When you Wuzong was in the champions league, I was the warrior. But now, we are equal. How much you don’t work hard can be seen from this. From now on, whoever my cultivation level exceeds by one level, then… an extra 100 catties will be added to his back. If it exceeds two levels, add another two hundred catties…, and so on, and so on… These words made all the brothers speechless. Chu Yang’s speed is purely monstrous. Compared with him, is he looking for abuse? In the premier league, but what Boss Chu said is about Liverpool, he is also a human being, and his rapid progress is due to hard work. If he is overtaken again, he will be ashamed. The consequence of this is that after the afternoon, several people almost collapsed… After eating Endorphina for dinner, and resting until la liga and no longer sweating, Chu Yang kindly asked the brothers to put down the Xingchen Iron . As soon as he put it down, he immediately flew away with lightness all over his body; Luo Kedi lay on his back on the ground, let out a long breath, and sighed: “This is happiness…” livescore Ji Mo looked at him with contempt glance. I really don’t have the energy to say anything about him, damn it, I don’t feel happy even if I eat delicacies from mountains and seas, but today you will be happy if you put down a big stone… (I can’t help but want to add a few words here, not counting: when I was in the army, I trained for more than twelve hours a day.

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