Xia Lan’er Empress Wu’s 10th sunset, the Spinmatic glow is shining, and the forest in the mountains is full of brilliance. [Baishuzhai] Chu Yang hugged Mo Qingwu and walked out with a small smile. It seems that Bet9ja has come out of a fairy tale. Black clothes fluttered, tall and tall, Mo Qingwu was dressed in red and lay in his arms. The sunlight from the sky seemed to cover Chu Yang and Mo Qingwu’s bodies with a layer of gold. At least, in Mo Tianji’s eyes, it was such a kind of beauty that shocked the soul in an instant. This feeling is such a harmony, such a Pragmatic play is moving. Mo Qingwu seemed to grow on Chu Yang’s body, and she couldn’t come down without saying anything. From time to time, he raised his head and smiled at Chu Yang, and after a while, real madrid raised his head and smiled at him again, with a bright and satisfied smile. Mo Tianji stood there, dumbfounded. He has been waiting here all afternoon, waiting anxiously. However, seeing Chu Yang finally come out with Mo Qingwu in his arms, he was suddenly moved at this moment. No rush. All the time… I have never seen the little girl so happy. Such happiness overflowing from the depths of the heart satisfies Endorphina! Mo Tianji watched contentedly, and the anxiety he had been waiting for all afternoon seemed to disappear at this moment. “Brother Mo, I took Xiao Wu away.” Chu Yang looked at Mo Tianji and said solemnly. Hearing the word ‘Brother Mo’ from the rumble, Mo Qingwu raised her head in panic, turned her head to look, and saw Mo Tianji, her second brother, her eye circles turned red, but she lightly bit her Lips, downcast eyes. “Xiao Wu…” Mo Tianji took a step forward, his voice trembling. Mo Qingwu bit her lip, and after a long while, said with difficulty:

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