But everyone knows one thing clearly: The Meng Family is probably over. Even if you don’t die, and your vitality is seriously injured, you still have to study. And the origin of all this came from a few words Chu Yang said. Ji Mo and the other brothers were naturally overwhelmed with admiration, but Dong Wulei and Ji Zhu looked cautiously, and looked at live betting with apprehension. They glanced at Chu Yang: Poker, the boss of Chu… is definitely an extremely terrifying character! He only mentioned the horror of this evil skill, but he didn’t say how to break it: everyone in the rivers and lakes is in danger, everyone in the big family is vigilant, and Mengjia is virtually excluded and completely isolated. In this way, Mengjia was chopped down from the root, which hurt his muscles and bones! His grasp of people’s hearts is simply too precise. And baccarat, in this three-day chaotic world, the effect of such gossip is far more than dozens of times that of 22Bet. The fate of Mengjia’s affiliates is almost predictable. Chu Yang walked all the way, listening to these Endorphina Spinmatic messages with a smile all the way, while analyzing them, but he was full of interest in this martial arts competition. This time the matter is not small, almost every major family will gather here. This fight will fully reflect the major camps of Zhong Tiantian; and this is what Chu Yang needs. This can help him decide where to start. Hearsay, after all, is not as good as seeing it with your own eyes! Along the way, looking at Dong Wulei and Ji Zhu, Chu Yang sighed in his heart: All the princes of these big families are indeed not easy to deal with. Ji Zhu looked sloppy, but he was actually so sloppy: But Chu Yang felt that this Nairabet was a man of great wisdom and foolishness! Although the appearance is sloppy

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