What the author of this chapter said: Well, maybe the top four can’t be kept, but I can only watch now. My brothers and I have tried our best, tried our best, or regretted it, but have no regrets! Twenty-nine days of this month, one hundred chapters will be updated, please stop complaining to the brothers who complain about the slow speed. At this speed, I haven’t gone downstairs for nearly a month… It’s really my best effort. This is the link to the starting page of the champions league “Proud BetWinner World Nine Heavens”: Ao Shi total serial address (including the address of nearly twenty chapters and the address of the casino Slot e-sports betting book): “Jun Xizhu!” Mo Qingwu almost jumped up , couldn’t help opening his mouth wide. Eyes dumbfounded! This woman is Jun Xizhu? ! It’s no wonder that Mo Qingwu was surprised, the main reason is that this name is so famous in Zhongtian for three days! Helm Leap of Dark Bamboo! The leader of the three-day underworld power! Jun Xizhu! In the middle of three days, this name that exudes a manly and elegant atmosphere, with a bit of a hermit’s demeanor, is a symbol of terror! Although the Mo family is wealthy and powerful, they have always kept a respectful distance from dark bamboos. Well water does not interfere with river water. Once there is any collision of interests, they will back down as soon as possible. Can’t afford it! I heard that the original Wanle League of the underworld, whose surname was Wan, was called Wanle Dan; but since the rise of Jun Xizhu, Wanle Dan has become, it’s over! However, the “Wan Le League” has also become, after the league is over,… the entire Wan Le League has tens of thousands of strength and was uprooted and destroyed within half a year by the dark bamboo. It is said that the massacre made the whole middle school The sky is trembling! But… the most surprising thing is that Jun Xizhu didn’t make a Pragmatic play in person! The Betking player was Jun Xizhu’s number one expert: Mr. Wei! Spinmatic doesn’t care if it’s the wisdom of coordinating or lead by example

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