Jing Menghun’s voice of grief and indignation came from far away. Chu Yuzuo in front of Tie Yun’s team suddenly burst out laughing: “It seems that King Jing has already noticed something, it’s a pity that Leap… this kind of aphrodisiac, there is no cure.” Is there no cure for real madrid? Cheng Ziang shuddered all over. Chu Yang laughed loudly, and raised his breath and said loudly: “Jing Menghun, I, King Chu Yan, said that I want to play you to death! Do you believe it now? Are you happy? Hahaha Surebet247ha…” Jing Menghun was furious and shouted: “King Chu Yan, I would rather die than hold you back!” Turning around and shouting: “Chasing!” “Jing Menghun, come with me!” Chu Yang roared: “Go! You Our two armies, go to the battlefield to fight to the death in an upright manner! I want to defeat you openly and honestly! Let you lose heartily!” You have already taken so many aphrodisiacs for us, and now everyone has pornographic thoughts, how can we fight? How dare you say shamelessly, ‘It’s a fight to the death, right? ‘Bright Pragmatic play is going to beat me? , ‘Convincing me to lose? ,! Online Casino! Msports! “King Chu Yan, you are shameless!!!” Jing Menghun yelled, “How can you be so shameless!!” He yelled again, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. Jing Wangzuo is mad… No matter what, he must kill King Chu Yan! Looking for BGaming’s detoxification strategy… In the blink of an eye, it was another two hours… In this day, Wu Kuangyun had finished cleaning up the battlefield. The eyes are filled to death. Everywhere you look, it’s all corpses! It is densely packed…, eight million troops have been thrown in, and the number of people who are still alive is no more than 200,000, and everyone has only one breath left

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