There are quite a lot of Zhao troops… The three major legions gathered here are also elite, and there are more than a million people. But… no matter how many people there are, they can’t help being so exhausted! “Clean up the roulette army. Let’s retreat as soon as there is no movement.” Long Ao’s face was heavy, and he said slowly: “If BGaming stays here, there will be no use for 1xBet, and it will be eaten away by the enemy instead. And… If we are cut off, we will all be buried here.” The other two nodded repeatedly. In fact, the three of them all understood that most of Tie Yun’s army was firmly restrained on the main battlefield, and a small part could not move here. There will be absolutely nothing wrong with Da Zhao’s retreat. Long Ao said this just to find a reason for himself to withdraw his troops. But now at this juncture, everyone is already terrified. I would rather go to the main battlefield to fight desperately than stay here and face the boulder that may fall at any time! “However, in order to prevent Wu Kuangyun from attacking suddenly while we are retreating, one of you and I must be killed.” Jin Nankai looked at the other two: “Who will stay?” “I will stay. “Long Ao said lightly. Jin Nankai and Yu Chenglong looked at each other and nodded. In the current situation, the Surebet247 left by Slot Games is more dangerous, chelsa, but there is absolutely no danger of annihilation of the entire army. On the contrary, the troops that go out from NetEnt may face the boulder falling from the sky at any time. This point is really hard to grasp. The three of them quickly agreed: just wait to calm down. During the time to ensure the safety of real madrid, the two troops passed through the inclined valley at the fastest speed, and then Long Ao

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